Stickers for Messages! How to install iMessage Sticker Packs in iOS 10

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How to install iOS sticker packs for your iPhone messages


Are you ready to use stickers in your iPhone text messages? Make sure you’ve updated your iPhone to iOS 10 or later and use this guide to get started.

Accessing Your Stickers in iOS 10

  • Open an existing conversation or start a new one
  • Next to the typing area, touch the App Store icon. If you don’t see the icon, touch the arrow button until you do.

  • Touch the button at the bottom left that looks like 4 ovals. This is how you access your app drawer and see all of the sticker packs that you’ve installed
  • Note: You may already see some sticker packs here if any of your regular apps contain stickers as an add-on feature

Getting More stickers

  • To get more stickers, touch the + button. This will take you to the iMessage section of the App Store.
  • You can browse through the featured stickers or search. I recommend searching for “Sticky Puns,” which just happens to be one of the best punny sticker packs ever made (and I’m not LION)
  • Install a sticker pack in the same way that you install regular apps. Just touch the price or the “get” button and then install.
  • Your new sticker pack will now show up in your app drawer. (Remember, you get to that by touching the A and then the 4 ovals)

Managing Stickers

  • If you’d like to delete a sticker pack, the easiest way to do this is to go to the “Manage” tab in the iMessage store. In here, you can decide if you want to automatically add stickers that come as add-ons from your regular apps or not. You can also use the switches to turn stickers off and on.

Using Stickers

  • If you want to send someone a sticker, just touch the app store icon next to the text entry area
  • You can swipe left and right until you find your favorite sticker pack. You can also touch the icon at the bottom left to go to your favorite sticker pack.
  • Once you find the sticker that you want, just touch it to add it to the text area and send it off!
  • You can also hold down on a sticker to “peel” it off and stick it on top of something else in the conversation, such as a text bubble, a photo or another sticker.