How to save or follow Facebook Posts without adding a comment

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Save Facebook Posts

Facebook Notifications

Have you ever run across a post on Facebook that looked interesting, and you wanted to save the post for later or get notifications of new responses?

Some people do this:

save Facebook posts

They respond to the post with a period or with the word “save” or “follow” so it will show up in their notifications later.

Did you know that there’s a better way?

save Facebook posts

What’s under the arrow?

Near the title of each post, you will see a downward facing arrow. Click on that arrow and you will see some cool options:

Save a post to read later, kind of like a bookmark

save Facebook posts for later

You can save the post for later without publicly posting to the comment thread for the entire Facebook world to see.

To retrieve your saved posts, first click on the “more” button at the bottom of the Facebook app’s screen (on the Facebook website, the saved section is on your sidebar)

save Facebook posts - touch more button

And now scroll down until you see “saved posts”


You will see all of the posts you’ve saved and you can delete them with the … button.


Get notifications whenever others comment on a post

Do you want to follow a conversation and receive a notification whenever someone new comments on a post? You can do this without commenting with a . or the word “follow,” which interrupts the conversation.

get Facebook notifications

Just click on that little arrowhead again next to the person or group’s name. If you want to be notified whenever someone new comments, choose “turn on notifications for this post.” You can also turn OFF notifications to a post here in this menu.

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