Apple Watch + RunKeeper: First Look

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One reason that you might be going ga-ga over the new Apple Watch is it’s activity tracking features. The watch comes with some great built-in apps for activity tracking, as well as integration with services that you may already use, like RunKeeper. Because RunKeeper is one of my all-time favorite apps, I thought it was only appropriate to take its … Read More

Annoy your children with these great iPhone pranks!

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Annoy your children with these great iPhone pranks

As a parent, it’s important to always make your children think that you are smarter than they are, especially when it comes to technology. Let’s face it, they probably know more than any of us, but you don’t want them to know that. These iPhone pranks will both annoy your children and give you the upper hand! Two things we strive for as exceptional parents. … Read More

Free More Space on your iPhone or iPad (Part 1)

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Make more space on your iPhone or iPad

This is the first post in a series of articles that will show you how to gain more space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. The first step to find more space on your iPad or iPhone is to find out which apps are taking the most space. After you see where all of your space is being used, you can … Read More

It’s Mac Tonite

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This video is a love story between two Macs. We were playing around with speech recognition and voice commands on the Mac when we made this video. If you watch carefully, you’ll notice that one Mac is controlling the other with it’s “voice.”

Using a Mac, a guide for Windows users

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Step 1: Calm Down. Think about what happens you drive a new car. You have to take a few seconds to find where all of the buttons and switches are located. The windshield wipers, the radio buttons and the seat adjustments might be different than the ones in your car, but they still exist and have the same basic functionality. … Read More

A Comparison of 4 Popular Fitness Gadgets

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Note: This was published in January 2013 While most gadgets promise to make life easier and save you energy, a new breed of fitness tracking devices want you to get off the couch and get your bootie moving! Worn on your wrist or clipped to your clothing, they will track your every move, sync with your smart phone or computer, … Read More

Back up your Mac

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We keep a lot of precious information on our computers. Photos of our children, videos of their important events, work, financial records, contacts, calendars, passwords, emails from people who are no longer with us, and many other valuable pieces of information. What would happen if all of that information was destroyed somehow? Or taken from you? How would you get … Read More

Collecting Money with your SmartPhone

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As a mom, you”ve probably been faced with the task of collecting money for something your kids are doing… collecting money for a teacher”s gift from the class, for pizza after the ball game, for the team party, selling crafts for a fundraiser, collecting money from coworkers for a cake, etc. It”s a pain to keep track of all of … Read More