Let your friends and family know when you are too busy to answer a text (iOS)

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do not disturb ios customize

iOS 11 introduced a new feature called “Do not disturb while driving.” It’s a pretty cool feature that turns off notifications while you are driving. If someone texts you during that time, your phone automatically sends them a message that tells them that you’re driving and you’ll respond as soon as you get to your destination. Because you can customize … Read More

In the Kitchen with Alexa

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In the kitchen with alexa

A while back I wrote an article about how Siri can help you out in the kitchen. Recently, I purchased an Amazon Echo Dot and placed it in the kitchen. I’ve found that it’s even more useful than Siri. This is quite a statement coming from an Apple fan such as me. In the kitchen, Alexa can entertain you, keep a grocery … Read More

Add a second Amazon Alexa device to your home

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Add a second device to your current alexa app

After purchasing an Amazon Echo or Tap and using it for a while, you might start to think, “wow, touching screens and keyboards and switches is for schmucks!” Soon, you find yourself with multiple Alexa devices throughout your home and maybe even your office. This article will show you how to add a second Alexa device to your Amazon Alexa app. Image of … Read More

Calendar Spam Fix

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Stop calendar spam iphone ipad

You check your iPhone calendar in the morning… Meeting with Bob at 8 am, soccer practice at 4 pm, and BUY CHEAP ROLEX WATCHES all day long!! In fact, you’re due to buy cheap Rolex watches, Ugg boots and Ray Bans for the next 3 days! Lucky you! Not feeling so lucky? That’s probably because you’re not. It means that … Read More

Don’t share another post until you read this one

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We are exiting an era of journalism where the credibility of news agencies was taken for granted. A mere decade ago, it was safe to assume that the daily paper or the evening news was only publishing the most credible information. Today, when “news” can be created and shared by anyone with an internet-connected device, it’s more important than ever … Read More

16 Things I’ve Learned While Pokemon Hunting with my Children

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pokemon hunting

Pokémon Go is super fun, no matter how old you are. As a 43 year old tech geek, I was initially impressed with how seamlessly the developers implemented augmented reality and location data into the game. Soon, I became completely immersed and addicted to collecting these little pocket monsters, checking for new Pokémon and Pokéstops everywhere I went. I urged my children to download … Read More

Easily choose sound inputs and outputs on Mac

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mac shortcut sound

Mac Tip: Do you frequently change your sound input or output on your Mac? Did you know that you don’t have to go to system preferences to do this? When you click on the speaker icon in your menu bar, usually you get a volume slider: (If you don’t see this slider, go to system preferences – sound and check … Read More

Pokémon Go: A Guide for Parents

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pokemon go parents guide

Have you heard any of the following phrases lately? “Mom! There was a Pidgey in the restroom with me!” “Dad, you really need to call an exterminator. This house is full of Rattata.” “Mom, dad, I’m going out Pokémon hunting” (and they’re gone for hours) “Can you drive me to the mall or the park so I can battle?” If … Read More

How to Split Screen on Mac

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Mac Split Screen View

Don’t you hate moving and resizing your windows so that you can see everything you’re working on? Resizing windows is soooo 2010. El Capitan (version 10.11 of Mac OS X) introduced a new feature called Split View, which allows you to quickly arrange 2 apps side by side without the need to manually resize your windows. If you have El … Read More

iOS tip: Drag to erase bad memories

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select delete multiple photos at once

Select and delete many photos at one time on your iPhone Did you take 20 photos on a date only to realize later that he eats his fries with mustard or that she pronounces cole slaw as, “cold slaw?” It’s time to go home and watch Seinfeld and just forget that this night ever happened. It’s also time to delete … Read More

Night Shift will help you sleep better

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Have you updated to iOS 9.3 yet? The reason I ask is because it contains a cool new feature called Night Shift. At sunset, Night Shift will change the color of your display to a warmer hue and then back to normal in the morning. This shift from looking at a screen with a bright blue tint to one with … Read More

Mac Basics: Learn to use the Mac’s Dock

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Learn Mac basics, Mac operating system

This is a video from my new course on Udemy that covers Mac® Basics for those who are used to using a Windows® computer, Mac OS X Fundamentals for Windows Brains. The Mac tutorial is an introductory course for people who are thinking about switching over, or for those who have recently switched and are feeling a bit confused. We … Read More

How to make your iPhone remember things for you

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What was that thing that I thought when I was doing that other thing?

The best ideas tend to come when you’re driving, taking a shower, or doing some other mindless task when there’s not a place to write anything down. Am I right? So how’s a person supposed to remember these mind gems at these inopportune times? It’s not like you can grab a notebook and a pen while you’re flying down the … Read More

How to save or follow Facebook Posts without adding a comment

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Save Facebook Posts

Facebook Notifications Have you ever run across a post on Facebook that looked interesting, and you wanted to save the post for later or get notifications of new responses? Some people do this: They respond to the post with a period or with the word “save” or “follow” so it will show up in their notifications later. Did you know … Read More

Choosing the best laptop for college

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Choosing the best laptop for college

Congratulations! Your child and your money are getting ready to go to college! It’s time to start shopping for dorm room decor, college supplies, and all of the other things that a young man or woman needs to embark on their new adventure. A computer is probably at the top of this list. If this purchase seems overwhelming because of … Read More

6 Apps that will motivate you to work out

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6 Apps that will motivate you to work out

There are some people who require no extra motivation to work out on a consistent basis. I am not one of those people. It’s very easy to say, “I’ll skip that workout today.” If you are like me and could use an extra push to get your fanny in gear, check out these apps. I’ve picked out 6 of my … Read More