Product Review: Philips In.Sight Cameras

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After a string of break-ins in my neighborhood, I purchased this camera to monitor visitors who walk up to my door. I use it as a hi-tech peephole. Other than being able to monitor what’s going on at my house when I’m away, I can also use it to decide if I want to answer the door when I’m at home!

Creep on your creepers with this little wi-fi peeper!

Would you come to the door for this guy?


What does it do?

You set up the camera somewhere in your house, connect it to your wifi network, and it continually monitors whatever it’s pointed at. With the free app that you download to your iPhone, you can see the live video when you’re away from home. You can set it up to detect noise and/or motion. When it detects either, it takes a snapshot and records 30 seconds of video. This video is sent to your phone and saved in the app. You can also set it up to save all of these images to your dropbox account.

The setup is super easy. You plug it into an outlet (which wasn’t evident on the box – I was hoping it was battery powered) and you download a free app onto your smartphone. You hold the phone in front of the camera and it connects to your wifi network. That’s all!

How well does it work?

I put mine in a small window right next to our front door. The audio alerts work perfectly. Every time it hears a noise, I get a notification on my phone and I can see a video of what just occurred. The motion detection works when it feels like working, which is about a quarter of the time. I’ve found that most people at the door make some noise, either by knocking or opening it, so the audio trigger usually catches everything that the motion detection misses. I was very suprised at how well it works in low-light situations. It’s not HD by any means, but the quality of the photos and video is superior to those awful surveillance videos that you see on the news. With the porch light on, you can still tell who is at the door.

Sometimes when I am at work, I will open the app and watch the live video so I can see what’s going on at home. This always works great on wifi or cellular.

Philips in.Sight pic

Well hello, men with ladders in front of my house.

This camera would also work well as a video baby monitor or a pet monitor. Stay tuned for videos of the weird things that my dog does when she’s home alone or in the backyard. You can put this anywhere you need to keep an eye on something 24/7 (as long as it is inside of a wifi network and there is a nearby outlet).

Should you get it?

In conclusion, these cameras are pretty awesome for home use. If it is critical that you have motion detection that works 100% of the time, this isn’t for you, but otherwise, I highly recommend them.

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