8 Ways that Siri can help you with dinner

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Siri reads notes

Meet Siri, your very own Sous Chef!


Hey Siri

Hands-free Siri

“Hey Siri!”

When you’re cooking dinner, your hands are probably going to get wet or dirty. Bring your charger to the kitchen with you, plug in your phone, and set it in a safe place. Go to Settings – General – Siri and switch on the Allow “Hey Siri” feature. If you need Siri to help you out when your hands are wrist-deep in the meatloaf, just say “Hey, Siri!” and it will respond without needing to touch the phone. (Note: your phone has to be charging for this feature to work)

If you also have an Amazon Echo, click here to learn how to use the Siri grocery list with Alexa.


Use Siri to Add items to a list

Use Siri to add items to a list

“Add bread to my groceries list”

When do you usually realize that you need to add something to your grocery list? If you’re like me, it’s when you’re in the middle of cooking dinner.  Don’t stop what you’re doing to pick up a list or open your phone. Simply activate Siri and tell her, “Add bread to my groceries list.” (For this to work, make sure you actually have a list named “groceries” in reminders)


Siri reads notes

Use Siri to read a note

Read your recipe

Before you start cooking, copy and paste your recipe into the notes application. Then tell Siri, “Read my note about the chicken” (or whatever your recipe is about)


Siri text messages

Siri can read your text messages to you.

“Read my messages”

If you get a text message while you”re cooking, simply say, “Hey Siri (pause) Read my messages” Siri will read you all of your unread text messages and even ask you if you’d like to send a reply.


Siri timer

Use Siri to set a timer

“Set a timer for…”

Need to set a timer for the casserole that you just put in the oven? Just tell Siri, “Set a timer for ___ minutes” and an alarm will go off when the time is up.


Siri Conversions

Use Siri to make conversions


Need to know how many ounces are in a cup? Just ask


Siri music

Siri can play your music for you

Entertain yourself

Tell Siri to play your favorite playlist, or your favorite band. Don’t like the current song? Tell Siri, “Skip song” or just “Skip”


Siri restaurant

Use Siri to find a restaurant

Did you burn dinner?

Siri can’t help with everything. When all is lost, ask where to go for take out

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