iOS tip: Drag to erase bad memories

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select delete multiple photos at once

Select and delete many photos at one time on your iPhone

Did you take 20 photos on a date only to realize later that he eats his fries with mustard or that she pronounces cole slaw as, “cold slaw?”

It’s time to go home and watch Seinfeld and just forget that this night ever happened.

It’s also time to delete those photos.

how to drag to select multiple photosGo to your photos and touch “select” at the top right to select several at once.

Now don’t be a chump and tap each and every photo. Just drag your finger diagonally from the first photo to the last and it will select the first one, last one, and everything in-between.

(If you have trouble making it select and it just tries to scroll, drag to the right and then downward)

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