How to Make More Room for Photos and Videos on your iPhone or iPad (Part 2)

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Clear space in your camera roll

This is the second post in a series of articles that will show you how to gain more space on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. If you haven’t read part one, be sure to start here.

Do you find that there’s not enough storage on your iPhone or iPad? Are you frustrated by the “Cannot take photo. There is not enough available storage” error? If you take a lot of photos and videos, one of the easiest ways to gain more space is to take these off of your iPad or iPhone’s storage and let a cloud service or a computer keep them safe for you. There are a lot of Cloud services out there that make this easy.

Move Photos and Videos to an Cloud Service Automagically:

There are quite a few apps that will automatically upload all of the photos and videos on your phone to a cloud service. Why is this cool? Well for one, if an app is constantly uploading your photos to their service, you’ll have an automatic backup that you don’t have to think about, as well as a way to view your photos on other devices or computers. Once your photos and videos are uploaded (always double-check to make sure it’s working), you can then delete them from your phone to free up space to take more photos.

All of the apps that I will mention in this article will give you a substantial amount of space for free and usually have some kind of option to upgrade if you run out. They also make the photos private by default, and viewable to only you unless you decide to share the photos.

Google + automatic upload from phone

Upload photos automatically using Google plus!

Google +:

My personal favorite way to upload photos from my iPhone automatically is to use the Google + app. Google + gives you 15 GB of storage space for free. When you use the app to back up your camera roll, the photos and videos that are uploaded at standard size will not count against this quota (larger files will count against your 15GB quota). Take a look at Google’s help page to learn exactly how to set it up and what sizes of photos and videos you can upload. How does this give you more space on your phone? I’ll use myself as an example. I have the Google + app on my phone, so any new photo or video that I take is saved to my camera roll and then eventually it’s automatically uploaded to Google + (with the privacy set to only allow me to see the photos). When my camera roll starts getting too large, I just double-check to make sure that the photos have all uploaded and start deleting them from my camera roll. If I ever want to view those photos again, I just open the Google + app to find them. If I want to access these photos on my computer, I visit If you use Google +, you can also choose to share selected photos with your circles.


Flickr offers an auto-upload and a ton of space for free

I know I said up there that Google + is my personal favorite upload app, but is truly my favorite photo storage service of all time. ALL of the photos and videos that I want to keep from every device eventually make their way to my Flickr Pro account. The only reason I don’t use Flickr for AUTO upload on my phone is because I end up with a lot of junk in my camera roll… pictures of dumb, random things that I take pictures of or save… and I don’t want them trashing up my Flickr account. You may not care about this as much as I do.

With a free flickr account, you will receive a whopping 1TB… that’s approximately 1000 GB of space to upload photos and videos. For FREE. If you want unlimited uploads and the ability to upload super-large photos and videos, their pro account is just $25/year. You can upload full versions of photos from all of your devices and either set them as private or share with friends on flickr. Their app allows automatic upload of photos to your flickr account. Give it a try!

Upload photos to dropbox automatically using Carouseld

Dropbox and Carousel:

Dropbox offers an automatic camera roll upload through the Carousel app. A free dropbox account starts you with 2 GB of space and you have many ways to earn more free space in your account. Using the Carousel app with Dropbox automatically earns you 3 more GB for free. To use it, just download the Carousel app and set up the automatic upload. Click here for setup instructions.



This is certainly not an exhaustive list of apps. These are just my favorites. When comparing apps for this purpose, some of the features to consider are whether the app uploads a full version of your photos, privacy options, automatic background uploading vs. manual uploading, and the amount of space they offer.

 Move Photos and Videos to your Computer:

Move photos and videos to your Mac using Image Capture

Move photos and videos to your Mac using Image Capture


If you’d rather not use a cloud service to get photos off of your phone, you can download the photos to your computer and keep them in folders or in your favorite photo organizer.

Apple’s instructions for downloading photos and videos to PC and Mac:

Click here to download a pdf of the HiTech Mom’s easy guide to moving photos to your Mac

Remember, to actually gain more space on your phone, you’ll need to delete the photos from your phone after you have them safely transferred to your computer.

iCloud Photo Stream

iCloud photo stream is a great way to automatically move your photos from one device to another. However, if you are desperate for space, this may be a feature that you want to turn off. If your photo stream is full, you can immediately regain an average of 1 GB of space by turning it off. To turn it off, go to Settings > iCloud > Photos and turn off photo stream.

Do you have another favorite way of managing your photos and videos? Share those ideas in the comments below!