An easy way to keep an online backup of ALL of your photos

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I don’t know about you, but one of my most prized “possessions” would be my photo collection. I could bear to live without a lot of things, but photos of my family would not be one of them. Because they are so important to me, I am extra vigilant in backing them up. I make regular backups to an external hard drive and each time I import a new group of photos into my computer, I automatically upload them to I also use the site as a way to share my entire photo collection with my family without the rest of the internet peeking in.

flickr-logoWhy Flickr?
I’ve tried many different photo sharing sites over the years and I prefer for several reasons.

It’s easy to upload photos:
I use a Mac and organize all of my photos in Aperture (and before that, I used iPhoto). In those programs, you can simply click on a group of photos, click on “share” and send them to your flickr account. I’ve made a habit to hit that share button each time I import a new group of photos into the computer. It couldn’t be any easier and I have a full backup of my entire photo collection on the site.

If you don’t use a Mac, there are other simple ways to get your photos into flickr Welcome to Harrow best business schools Enterprises Limited (HSEL). without even visiting their website. If you use the Eye-Fi Wireless SD card, you can upload your photos directly to the site while they are still in the camera.

You can also download the Flickr Uploadr for PC or Mac. This program sits on your desktop and you just drop photos or groups of photos onto the icon to upload them. There are quite a few smartphone apps that will allow you to upload directly from your phone or tablet.

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Not cool, mom.

File sizes:
You may not notice it because sites don’t generally come out and say it, but many photo sharing websites reduce the size of your photos once they are on their site. If you want to share that photo online casinos with someone or need to download it later, you get a smaller version that may not print as well as your original would. Some sites will even require you to PAY to download your own photo from their website at full resolution. If you are a pro member, flickr will allow you to upload your photos at full resolution. This makes it a great solution for backing up.

Sharing and Privacy:
When you upload a group of photos to flickr, you have several privacy options. You can make them visible and searchable to everyone, you can share them with your family and friends, or you can make them completely private and only viewable to yourself.

On my photos, I always choose the privacy setting of “family and friends.” I sent email invitations to my mom, my husband and my kids and those are my “family and friends.” Whenever one of the kids needs a photo, they can just log into the site with their own username, see all of the family photos, and download what they need. That way they don’t have to get on my computer, rearrange my photo collection, and crop my pictures in crazy ways in the process.

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First World Problem

Amount of space:
With a free account, you get 2 GB of space at no charge, but you have a limited number of photos you can upload in a short period of time. If you sign up for a flickr pro account, you get an UNLIMITED amount of storage space for around $2 per month. Yes, that means that you can store ALL of your photos there. (I currently have more than 16,000 in my account).

There are a handful of online services that I don’t think any family should go without. This one is at the top of my all-time list.

Get a 2 year Flickr Pro account for $2 a month!

Leave a comment and let us know your favorite method of sharing and backing up photos online!