Collecting Money with your SmartPhone

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square-credit-card-readerAs a mom, you”ve probably been faced with the task of collecting money for something your kids are doing… collecting money for a teacher”s gift from the class, for pizza after the ball game, for the team party, selling crafts for a fundraiser, collecting money from coworkers for a cake, etc. It”s a pain to keep track of all of that cash and these days, who carries around cash, anyway?

Did you know that you can take credit and debit cards with an app on your phone and a little swiper that plugs into your phone? There are quite a few of them out there now.


Sign up for a free account at and they will send you a free card reader. Download the app to your phone and start taking payments. You pay 2.75% per swipe for all major credit cards and you”ll see the money in your account in 1-2 business days.


Sign up for a free account at and they will also send you a free card reader. This service charges 2.75% per swipe unless you pay $12.95 per month (then it”s 1.75% per swipe). One difference between this one and the square is that it syncs with Quickbooks.

Paypal: also offers a free card reader and will cost you 2.7% per swipe, but with paypal, you can also accept checks. If you have a paypal debit card, you will also have access to your money right away.

Yeah, buddy!

Yeah, buddy!

One of these should make life as a team mom or room mom much easier for you. The only drawback… you can”t make it rain with the money you collect this way. Also, you cannot throw it on the bed and roll around naked in the girl scout cookie money. Everybody does that, right?

Well, I guess you could get this app:

Make it rain


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