In the Kitchen with Alexa

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In the kitchen with alexa

A while back I wrote an article about how Siri can help you out in the kitchen. Recently, I purchased an Amazon Echo Dot and placed it in the kitchen. I’ve found that it’s even more useful than Siri. This is quite a statement coming from an Apple fan such as me. In the kitchen, Alexa can entertain you, keep a grocery … Read More

Calendar Spam Fix

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Stop calendar spam iphone ipad

You check your iPhone calendar in the morning… Meeting with Bob at 8 am, soccer practice at 4 pm, and BUY CHEAP ROLEX WATCHES all day long!! In fact, you’re due to buy cheap Rolex watches, Ugg boots and Ray Bans for the next 3 days! Lucky you! Not feeling so lucky? That’s probably because you’re not. It means that … Read More

Don’t share another post until you read this one

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We are exiting an era of journalism where the credibility of news agencies was taken for granted. A mere decade ago, it was safe to assume that the daily paper or the evening news was only publishing the most credible information. Today, when “news” can be created and shared by anyone with an internet-connected device, it’s more important than ever … Read More