Pokémon Go: A Guide for Parents

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pokemon go parents guide

Have you heard any of the following phrases lately? “Mom! There was a Pidgey in the restroom with me!” “Dad, you really need to call an exterminator. This house is full of Rattata.” “Mom, dad, I’m going out Pokémon hunting” (and they’re gone for hours) “Can you drive me to the mall or the park so I can battle?” If … Read More

Choosing the best laptop for college

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Choosing the best laptop for college

Congratulations! Your child and your money are getting ready to go to college! It’s time to start shopping for dorm room decor, college supplies, and all of the other things that a young man or woman needs to embark on their new adventure. A computer is probably at the top of this list. If this purchase seems overwhelming because of … Read More