In the Kitchen with Alexa

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In the kitchen with alexa

A while back I wrote an article about how Siri can help you out in the kitchen. Recently, I purchased an Amazon Echo Dot and placed it in the kitchen. I’ve found that it’s even more useful than Siri. This is quite a statement coming from an Apple fan such as me. In the kitchen, Alexa can entertain you, keep a grocery … Read More

16 Things I’ve Learned While Pokemon Hunting with my Children

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pokemon hunting

Pokémon Go is super fun, no matter how old you are. As a 43 year old tech geek, I was initially impressed with how seamlessly the developers implemented augmented reality and location data into the game. Soon, I became completely immersed and addicted to collecting these little pocket monsters, checking for new Pokémon and Pokéstops everywhere I went. I urged my children to download … Read More

Pokémon Go: A Guide for Parents

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pokemon go parents guide

Have you heard any of the following phrases lately? “Mom! There was a Pidgey in the restroom with me!” “Dad, you really need to call an exterminator. This house is full of Rattata.” “Mom, dad, I’m going out Pokémon hunting” (and they’re gone for hours) “Can you drive me to the mall or the park so I can battle?” If … Read More

How to make your iPhone remember things for you

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What was that thing that I thought when I was doing that other thing?

The best ideas tend to come when you’re driving, taking a shower, or doing some other mindless task when there’s not a place to write anything down. Am I right? So how’s a person supposed to remember these mind gems at these inopportune times? It’s not like you can grab a notebook and a pen while you’re flying down the … Read More

Apple Watch + RunKeeper: First Look

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One reason that you might be going ga-ga over the new Apple Watch is it’s activity tracking features. The watch comes with some great built-in apps for activity tracking, as well as integration with services that you may already use, like RunKeeper. Because RunKeeper is one of my all-time favorite apps, I thought it was only appropriate to take its … Read More