Apple Watch is coming! 10 Steps to Get Ready for Yours.

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Apple watch watch
Apple watches will start shipping this Friday! Are you ready? Are you excited? Have you properly prepared? Did you even know that you were supposed to prepare? Well you are, and this article will help.

Step 1: Continuously check your UPS account for shipping notifications

Sign up for all of the text or email notifications at Some people have already started receiving UPS notifications for Friday deliveries.
Apple Watch UPS

Is your Apple Watch is in mah belly?

Step 2: Make sure someone will be at home to retrieve your delivery.

Apple watch is coming

Step 3: Learn about your watch

Apple Watch

Apple has a series of “Guided Tour” videos that you can watch.  Watch them on Youtube or on

Step 4: Check out what other people think about the Apple Watch

Step 5: Go to the Apple Store and try them on

Apple watch try on

Here’s the one I picked

If you haven’t already done this, but if not, make an appointment through the Apple Store app and go try yours on.

Step 6: Update your iPhone

ios 8.3 for apple watch

Make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS version (which at this time is 8.3). iOS 8.2 added support for the Apple Watch. In the 8.3 update, along with bug fixes, you’ll also get some cool new emojis, improved Siri voices, and more.

Step 7: Update your Apps

update for apple watch

Update for Apple Watch

Update your current iPhone apps. You may find that many of the apps that you use on a daily basis have been updated to work with the Apple Watch.

Step 8: Check out other Apps for the Apple Watch

Here’s a list of featured apps that will have Apple Watch functionality at launch.

Step 9: Order some Apple Watch Accessories

You’re probably going to want a charging dock, extra chargers, extra bands, etc.

Apple Watch Accessories from Amazon

Apple Watch accessories from Apple

Step 10: Prepare to make an unboxing video

Apple Watch unboxing

You may have seen seen unboxing videos on YouTube like this one. If you shoot your own unboxing video when you get your Apple Watch, send me a link and I will post it on Just add your link to the comments below and I’ll include it in the same article as my own unboxing video

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