Add a second Amazon Alexa device to your home

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Add a second device to your current alexa app
After purchasing an Amazon Echo or Tap and using it for a while, you might start to think, “wow, touching screens and keyboards and switches is for schmucks!” Soon, you find yourself with multiple Alexa devices throughout your home and maybe even your office.
This article will show you how to add a second Alexa device to your Amazon Alexa app.
Open alexa app, go to settings
click on set up a new device
choose which device you want to set up
touch continue
touch connect to wifi
wait for your echo to tell you that it's ready, then touch continue
connect your phone to the amazon network and wait for the prompt
your alexa device will soon tell you that it's ready to use. All of the settings and skills that you've enabled for the first alexa will work with the new one
Image of “The Count” source: MUPPET.WIKIA.COM