16 Things I’ve Learned While Pokemon Hunting with my Children

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pokemon hunting

Pokémon Go is super fun, no matter how old you are. As a 43 year old tech geek, I was initially impressed with how seamlessly the developers implemented augmented reality and location data into the game. Soon, I became completely immersed and addicted to collecting these little pocket monsters, checking for new Pokémon and Pokéstops everywhere I went. I urged my children to download the game until they were addicted as well.

As we started trolling the neighborhoods and the local parks for our daily Pokémon fix, we started realizing that not only were we having a blast, but we were learning quite a bit about our town, one another and the people who inhabit it. Now, one week into the obsession, I’ve learned:

  1. That there are a lot of historical landmarks in our area that we did not know about
  2. That a neighbor has a DeLorean in his garage! (I don’t think there’s room for a lab and a crazy doctor to make it into a time machine, though.)
  3. That there is a pretty sweet park a couple of miles away that we’ve never visited with a big pool, splash pad, volleyball, basketball, and all kinds of cool stuff. (There is also a spot where you can sit and reach 2 Pokéstops and a gym at the same time!)
  4. That there is a family who hangs out in our neighborhood park every night. It looks like several generations. The parents sit and talk or walk around the trail while their kids play together. Every night!
  5. That the pool is closed on Monday
  6. That my youngest daughter is obsessed with the idea of walking and pet-sitting my older daughter’s dog
  7. That squirrels are fond of my daughter’s boyfriend
  8. That there is a family in the next town who really know how to throw a super-amazing amazing birthday party (I wanted to crash it). They were talking in Spanish, so I wasn’t sure what they were doing, but it looked like the most fun party in the history of parties.
  9. That grown men play soccer in the middle of the day on weekdays?
  10. That there is a cow statue around the corner with paintings of dogs on it
  11. That there is a really scary spider in our garden
  12. That Walmart is infested with Rattata and Pidgeys
  13. That my middle daughter can submit a resume to the game store around the corner (we met the owner), that the games there can be used as leverage to make my youngest daughter do yard work, and that my husband is a legendary Galaga player.
  14. That the guy on team Valor at the park really needed this game as an outlet for… something. Man, he’s really into it.
  15. That “those brown rattata” aka real-life squirrels, might bite, according to a stranger at the park
  16. That our shared data MIGHT just make it until the end of the billing cycle without going over…
  17. I’ve also learned a little bit about Pokémon, and why my kids loved it so much when they were younger.

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