Parenting is hard.

Tablets, smart phones, computers, apps… all of these things are supposed to make a busy parent’s life easier. But do they?

Northwestern University did a national survey called “Parenting in the Age of Digital Technology.” One of the things that they found was that 29% of parents with a smartphone or tablet thought that it made parenting easier. 70% didn’t think it made it easier.

The other 1% must have been this guy:
mom iphone apps parenting iphone ipad

Parenting in this age of mobile technology brings many benefits as well as many challenges.
Having smartphones, tablets and computers so readily available helps us get things done, helps our children learn, helps us accomplish goals, keep in touch with family and friends, remember things, and even entertain us. However, it also brings challenges with it. We need to take time to learn to use it, we need to know how to make the most of the it, and we have to set limits for ourselves, our kids, and know how to keep our kids safe when they use it.

So what’s a busy parent to do?

In that same study, they asked another question to the the 29% of parents who thought that technology made parenting easier. They asked WHY. Those parents said that it was because there were many fun activities available to keep children entertained, to help educate them, to teach important lessons, and to help parents get things done easier.

At HiTechMom.com, I’d like to help YOU become one of those parents who think that technology makes life just a little bit easier. You’ll learn how to use the technology that you have, learn about new stuff, and also learn about how technology can enrich your children’s lives.

Source: http://familieslearning.org/pdf/ParentingAgeDigitalTechnology.pdf

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